Pashupatinath Temple, a sacred place devoted to Lord Shiva, the mightiest God of Hindu religion. It carries a lot of religious importance to all the Hindus. However, this sacred place has been the first choice for most of the astrologist, historians, scientist for research works. Along with the acceptation of secularism all over the world, people from other religion also visit this to understand Hindu religion as this place is the best and effective destination to watch the Hindu religion from near.

Pashupatinath is located on the bank of the holy river, Bagmati on the eastern part of Kathmandu Valley. This place is one of the important among 275 sacred place of Lord Shiva

There are different hypothesis regarding the existence and name of this place. Some people relate this place to the time of Mahabharata.

After the end of Mahabharata, the protagonist of this Yuddha or war i.e. Pandavas were regretting on the number of deaths they had caused during the war. They had to kill their own Great Grand Father “Vishma”, eldest brother “Karna” and their own teacher also called “Dronacharya”  during the war as they were fighting on the behalf of “Kauravas” the antagonist of Mahabharata. They heard that if they visit to Lord Shiva they can get rid of these sins. So, they head toward Himalayans. But, when Lord Shiva knew about their visit he turned himself into a buffalo “an animal or Pashu –In Sanskrit”. But Pandavas find out the reality of buffalo. But, when Pandavas go near to the buffalo , Shiva get divested under the ground but Pandavas try to pull up catching his tail and get rid of their sins after touching the tail of Shiva’s Pashu form. The tail of Shiva appeared at Kedarnath and his head appeared at the place where now there is Pashupatinath.

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