Muktinath is one of the shaktipeeth among 51. It is believed to be the important religious place by both Hindus and Buddhists. So, this place presents us the religious harmony among Hindus and Buddhists. It is located in Mustang district, accessible by flight, foot and bus. It is located at an altitude of 3710 m, at 24km north-east of Jomsom. Muktinath Mandir can also be reached after crossing Thorong-La mountain pass in Annapurna Conservation Area, Mustang district of Nepal. Along with religious importance some mythology is attached so as with this place too.

Muktinath premises also called Mukti Khestra (the place of Moksh). These premises have many structures, temple, and breathtaking natural beauty which is worth to be visited and explored. It is considered as the eight most sacred shrines known as Svayam Vyakta Ksetras. The central temple of Muktinath temple is dedicated to Lord Bishnu. There is the gold idle of Lord Vishnu in the central temple. It is believed that Lord Bishnu get rid of the curse given by Brinda, a devoted wife of Jalandhar.

Hindu mythology states that the forehead of Devi Sati who was the first wife of God Shiva has fallen into this place due to which it is considered as one of the Shakti Peeths. All of the Shakti Peeths are guarded by Bhairava (one of the form of God Shiva).

According to Tibetan, one of the Great Guru of Tibetan Buddhists Guru Rinpoche who was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism has meditated at Muktinath on his way to Tibet. So, this place is sacred for Buddhists.

Beside the religion and mythology this place carries some beautiful sightseeing.             We can see the beautiful snowcapped mountains like Annapurna. Moreover, The prakaram (outer courtyard) has beautiful view of 108 bull faces through which water is poured.

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