Ghale Gaun, a village of Ghales located in Lamjun district at an altitude of 2100 metres. Ghales which comes under Gurung caste who are generally strong, friendly and very conscious and protective about their culture and tradition.

Ghale Gaun are model villages for experiencing the typical culture and lifestyle of the Gurung people. Traditional customs are still followed during births, deaths, marriages and at other important times in a person’s life. Age-old cultural dances like the Jhyaure, Serka, Dohori, Ghantu, Ghyabring, Krishna Charitra and Jhakri are performed on various occasions accompanied by different musical instruments with the dancers in traditional dress. Visitors to Ghale Gaun-Ghanpokhara are welcomed with offering of garlands and tika while music and dances are performed and traditional farewell songs are sung when guests depart. Nepali New Year and Buddha Jayanti are celebrated with traditional dance called Ghatu

Major attraction:

Magnificent Mountains view including Annapurna Range, Lamjung Himal, and Manaslu, unobstructed Sunrise & Sunset View, Buddhist Monuments, Waterfalls, Culture, Lifestyle, Wildlife, Natural beauty and warm hospitality.

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