GaleshworMahadevis a famous temple located in Myagdi district at a distance of 10 to 15 minutes from Beni Bazar. This temple is dedicated to God Mahadev. Lots of pilgrims from the country and from abroad ( practicing Hindu religion) visit this temple every year. Especially in “Mangshir” month lots of pilgrims come to celebrate “BaikunthaMela“.


It is located at Dhanan Village of Myagdi district. This sacred place is also called Jadeshwar or Jadvareshwor because in ancient time a sent called Jadvarat. There is a  naturalShivalingam of Lord Mahadev. The exact establishment date of Galeshwork Temple unknown. But in 1959 B.S. king PrithviBirBikram Shah established a Guthi over here and the temple was established in 2020 B.S.

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